Wardrobe Inspiration

Senior Portraits

One of the most common questions that I receive after booking a session is "What should I wear?" I've collected a few of my favorite easy-to-follow tips on how to style yourself for your portrait session!


1. Show off your Personality

For your senior portraits, make sure to wear something that reflects YOU! You'll want to treasure these memories and remember this point in your life forever, so find an outfit that compliments who you are and what you love! Just remember to dress for the season and the location where we'll be shooting.

2.Do what you Love

If you're a member of a sports team, bring your uniform and your ball, bat, or stick! If you play an instrument, have a sash or crown from homecoming court, let's include them! You want your personality and the things you're passionate about to stand out in your photos. Also, bring along your cap and gown for those awesome graduate shots!



3.Don't be afraid to have Fun!

Senior portraits are meant to display who you are and what you love. Feel free to have some fun! Bring confetti, balloons, bubble gum for blowing mega bubbles, or a sentimental item that is special to you to include in your photos.